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Change The World Event Suggestions

Here are just a few examples/ideas of different types of events/activities you can help create during the ChangeTheWorld time frame!

  • Change The World Class Challenge: Classrooms research and prepare an information booth for a non‐profit organization or a social issue
  • Mural Project: Classrooms create a mural to be displayed in school or their community supporting or raising awareness for an important cause
  • Community Clean‐up: Pick up litter and clean around neighbourhoods, schools, parks, museums, retirement homes, downtown, waterfront, and/or police stations
  • Share perspectives: Hold a roundtable discussion on youth perspectives of community services available to them • Anti‐Bullying Awareness: Perform skits and educate about the harms of bullying • Talent Show: Showcase a talent or hobby at a local library or community center
  • Car Wash: Have schools compete against one another to raise money for charity
  • Sleepless Night: Create awareness about homelessness. Assist with BBQ, entertainment, Wake‐A‐Thon fundraiser and speaker series
  • YouTube: Research and report on stories of youth issues/causes in their community by making an internet video or podcast
  • Community Garden: Start a vegetable garden to provide fresh produce to the school cafeteria
  • Tree Planting: Plant trees, flowers or shrubs to restore the environment, protect forest, and support biodiversity