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Volunteering benefits more than just the organization you work with or the people you help.

Personal Benefits

  • Learn or develop a new skill
  • Become engaged in your community
  • Feel motivated & a sense of achievement
  • Increase career opportunities
  • Discover new interests & hobbies
  • Meet a diverse range of people
  • Increased knowledge about community & world issues

Employer Benefits

  • A positive workplace environment
  • Employee retention
  • Increased job performance & job satisfaction
  • Improved customer relations
  • A positive community image

Community Benefits

  • ACCOUNTABILITY Charities and non-profits have boards of directors comprised exclusively of volunteers. These volunteers provide organizations with accountability to the communities they operate in.
  • HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT Supporting volunteerism is essential to the continued health and wellness of Canadian citizens. Volunteers are engaged in sports and recreation, activities directly related to health, and activities concerning the environment. All levels of government rely heavily on volunteers to deliver needed programs and services across the country.
  • PUBLIC SAFETY Volunteerism helps to keep our communities safe. Volunteers are the driving force behind many community based initiatives from community policing, volunteer fire fighting, and addiction treatment, to training and rehabilitation for those in trouble with the law.


Now that you know what volunteer can do for you and your community,find out how to GET STARTED.