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Although volunteering is an unpaid position, it is encouraged to view and treat volunteer opportunities as you would a paid position.

A volunteer has the right to:

  • Be  provided with a clear position description and to be properly interviewed
  • Be provided with information on the organization's mission, policies and services
  • Be provided with proper orientation and ongoing training
  • Be assigned challenging and worthwhile tasks and duties that use existing skills, as well as to develop new ones
  • Receive guidance and direction from someone who is experienced and willing to train
  • Be treated with dignity and respect
  • Have a chance to offer suggestions and to be heard
  • Have personal information kept confidential
  • Be provided with regular feedback on their performance
  • Work in a safe environment and refuse any task that they feel is unsafe
  • Be appropriately recognized for a job well done

A volunteer has the responsibility to:

  • Accept a volunteer position that they believe in and they can meet the requirements of
  • Ensure that they understand the organization's mission, policies and services
  • Act with professionalism, respect and integrity when dealing with individuals and organizations
  • Consult a supervisor when unclear on policy, appropriate actions or directions
  • Acknowledge the need for training and evaluation by participating fully in each process
  • Accept advice and direction from supervisors and other organization staff and volunteers
  • Works as a member of the team
  • Share ideas, enthusiasm, feedback and suggestions
  • Respect and uphold confidentiality
  • Keep up-to-date on organizational changes
  • Inform the supervisor promptly if they cannot attend their scheduled volunteer shift
  • Refuse gifts or monetary tips from the recipients of the services provided by the organization they are volunteering with



Now that you know your rights and responsibilities, find out the BENFITS that volunteering can have for you and your community.