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Police Checks (Criminal Record Checks)

Do I need a police check?

Whether or not you need a police check (criminal records check) will be dependent on the organization you are working with and the opportunity you are interested in.  When viewing opportunities on the Sarnia Gives site this is one of the requirements that will be listed, however; we also suggest that you confirm with the organization if a check is required and if so, what type.

What are the different types of checks?

Police Criminal Record Check (PCRC):  This check is intended for applicants who are involved as a volunteer where a basic Police Criminal Record Check is requested. This check is NOT intended for applicants who are seeking volunteer and/or employment with vulnerable persons.

Police Information Check (PIC): This check is intended for applicants who are seeking volunteer opportunities with agencies who require a Police Criminal Record Check along with local police involvement. The agency has determined that a search of pardoned sex offenders or contacts relating to mental health apprehensions is not required; therefore this check is NOT intended for applicants who are seeking volunteer and /or employment with vulnerable persons.

Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PIC+VS): This check is restricted to applicants volunteering with vulnerable individuals. With your consent, a query of sex offences for which a pardon has been granted will be conducted in compliance with the Criminal Records Act (CRA).

The same types of checks are available from your local police department or the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).  The OPP refers to them as Criminal Records Check (PCRC), Police Records Check (PIC) and Vulnerable Sector Check (PIC+VS)

Where do I go for my police check?

If you are a resident of Sarnia your police check must be completed by the Sarnia Police.  You can obtain your forms here (Criminal Record Check Form or Criminal Record Check Vulnerable Sector Form) or at the station.  Submit your form to the police station at 555 Christina St., Sarnia (near the corner of Christina & Maxwell Streets).

If you are a resident of Lambton County, outside the city of Sarnia, you must contact your local OPP detachment

If your check is time sensitive or or you are uncomfortable attending the police station, you can also contact the Commissionaires.  They are located at 429 Exmouth St., Sarnia, in the West Lambton Community Health Centre building

How much will it cost?

Volunteers receive a reduced rate on police checks if they have a letter from the organization they will be volunteering with.  If you are interested in a volunteer opportunity, ask the organization for a letter before your interview so you can have your police check ready, or at least in process, before you meet.

Sarnia Police
Police Criminal Records Check: $43.00
Police Information Check - Volunteers: $11.00
Police Information Check - Students: N/C

Ontario Provincial Police
As a guide, the OPP list $25.00 as the fee for all types of police checks, however each detachment may have their own fee schedule.

How long will it take?

Police checks can take anywhere from 10 business day up to 3-5 weeks depending on the type of check and who it is being completed by.  It is best to have your police check forms completed with all of the requested information and submitted as soon as possible to avoid delays.

I have more questions.

If you have additional questions regarding police checks you can view the Sarnia Police Applicant Fact Sheet or the OPP Information Sheet.  You can also contact the Sarnia Police or your local OPP Detachment directly.